From Jason Kurland

“You’re one or the wealthiest people in the world…it’s time to start acting like it!”

This is the conversation I have with my clients, the newest members of the millionaire’s club of Power Ball and Mega Millions lottery winners.

Looking back over the years of Lottery Winners in the United States, it is safe to say that many of them are no longer millionaires! Not only that, but many have gone bankrupt, and in some cases are deep in debt.  Often, these winners lose their friends, and the strain on their family relationships become overwhelming, 

In the immediate aftermath of holding a multimillion dollar ticket that once cost a just few dollars, it is imperative that the winner seek out someone who can provide leadership and knowledge in this situation. Someone who could establish clear guidelines, a clear schedule, and a clear view of a future unfamiliar at the moment. Having an experienced attorney and a team of professionals at your side could save you millions of dollars.


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